Service Area

Service area includes: Gaithersburg, Germantown, Montgomery Village and parts of Clarksburg and Rockville

Free In-Home Consultation:

An initial meet and greet. This is about a 30 min consult to go over completed paper work, care instructions, and to receive a copy of a key. Consultations must take place 3 days prior to starting day of services.

Quick Potty Break ($18 per visit):

These visits are around 15-20 mins which can include a quick walk, backyard potty break, pets and kisses, feeding, and water refill.

Stay and Play, 30 min walk/visit ($28 per visit):

These visits average around 30 mins and include an extended walk, backyard break, play time, lots of love, feeding, and water refill.

Extended Walk/Play ($35 per visit, WEEKENDS ONLY)

Extended walks average 45 mins and include all of the above with lots of extra love.

Mid-Day Walks ($18-28 per visit)

Mid-day walks are great for parents who work long hours. Our visits include walks, backyard breaks, play time, and water refills. Mid-Day walks are available Monday-Friday usually between 10 am-3 pm. 

Cat Care ($15 per visit)

Purrfect for cats that just need a quick check in. These visits average 15 mins and include feeding, water refill, litter box cleaning, petting, and some play time.  

Extended Cat Care ($25 per visits)

These visits run about 30 mins and are perfect for social cats that require a bit more TLC.

Home care (Free with pet care, $15 without pet care per visit):

While visiting your pets plants can be watered, trash/recycling brought to curb, lights rotated, and mail/news papers brought in. 

Reptiles, Rodents, Fish, and Birds ($10 per visit):

​These visits include feeding, watering, and play time (depending on animal).

Farm Animals

Please call for availability and pricing  

Ask for any additional services that are not listed that you may be interested in!

Prices and services are subject to change. 

Charges are valid for up to 2 pets, there will be an additional $5 charge per pet (past 2 pets).

There will be an extra $5 charge per visit on Holidays including: New Year's eve, New Year's day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. 

Please read paperwork carefully.